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As per the employer, the petition got approved but hardcopy not received yet.

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Hi Experts,


This year, a cap exempt H1B was filed for me by my employer (a renowned IT giant).

We received an RFE on the requesting for additional documents which was duly responded by the Attorneys in the first week of August.


Since then, I have been waiting for any further communication or confirmation on the status, but have not received anything. The employer is not ready to share the petition number or anything with me as of now.


However, recently (last week of November), because of my continual poking, the employer responded saying that the team has received a confirmation that the petition has been approved, but they are waiting for the had copy to be received.


I want to understand if what my employer is suggesting is a feasible scenario.


Please advise.



Anshul Jain

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The same thing happened to me as well. My H1B extension got approved on Nov18th and we received papers on Dec 5th. we are yet to receive H4 extension papers.




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Indian employers in USA are mostly fake, shaddy, and dishonest people. So there is a reason not to believe to what they are saying. This is a big red flag for you what the employer is up to in future. I am not saying that they have not even filed for your visa but they are hiding all the information from you which is a warning sign to you. Try to find a different employer who is honest to their employees. Its all upto you how you handle the situation. But one thing is sure that even if they have filed for your H1B, they will bite you at some point of time. Be careful and take precautions...

As far as hard copy is concerned. These people try to avoid giving Receipt no to the candidates because with the receipt no you can transfer to a different employer.

But sooner or later they will have to give you the soft or hard copy....


Look at this from the USCIS Case Status Tracker:


One more thing is that when the H1B petition is approved by the USCIS, they email the soft copy to the employer. So your employer has the details already....


On September 17, 2014, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC1*********, and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

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Anshul, based on my own experience, it is possible that the employer has received notification that your petition has been approved. They must be waiting for the hard copy to be mailed from US attorney office. But also consider advise from others as well.

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