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Calling All active 221G in Toronto

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I got 221G in Toronto embassy on Oct 31st. After initial standard questions, VO first said that my visa should be approved without any issue but then she was not sure how I am still in the country after 6 years (total duration in USA is 11 plus years) of my initial H1B. When I mentioned to her that my I140 is approved somehow her understanding was that its because of AC21 portability. To my surprise, she asked me why my green card is taking this long for which my reply was "priority dates are not current" and I shared the current priority dates. Then she asked me to provide her with my entire employment history which I did. Eventually she said that she needs to do some research and will get back with approval in next 2-3 days. After one week got an email to send my employment history and details about I140 approval which I did on the same day. Still waiting to hear back from them .. 39 days and counting :( 

Anyone had a similar experience? Also, if you got 221G in Toronto and still its pending / recently addressed, please share your timelines and if possible, case detail. It will give us some idea about the timelines.. Thank you

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