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Dear Friends,


My VISA was approved today morning. we were two people done with interview .



1) Security check

2) Appointment confirmation verification


3) Submitting DS160/Passport/H1B: TOKEN number will be given


4) Finger prints :--> you will be called by your token number and DS160/Passport/H1B will be provided to you with same token number.


5) You will be asked to come to a counter number




My Interview :


1) Whom do you work for?

2) What do you do for your employer

3) Do you have end client?

4) How long you been with your employer


Not even single document was asked


My friend's interview questions:


1) Whom do you work for?

2) What does your employer do?

3) Paystubs

4) how long with the client and employer

5) where do you live

6) Salary


Bring as many documents as you can that support your role. Especially pay-stubs..

Also, 221gs are getting cleared with in a week here. if your case is genuine, you can attend interview here. 

Once again, thank you all .




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