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221g at Ottawa NOV 17 F1 to H1B

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I attended interview at Ottawa on NOV 17 8:30 Am (today)

(this is my first h1b: F1 to H1B). 221g white slip was issued saying further processing needed and it might take up to 1 week.


Questions asked


1. who is your employer?

2. Do you work any end client??

if yes give me all employer, vendor, and client letters??


( in my case as my client dont provide client letter i submitted Email from cleint stating their corporate policy, my cube pictures, and some day-to-day emails along with VENDOR letter and employer verification letter)


3. can i see your paystubs??


(submitted  my last six months paystubs )


THen VO asked to provide all docuemnts whatever i have??


So i submitted all paystubs, W2's, Project Description.


Before Submitting my LCA and I129


He asked


4. where i did my masters? and Which year??



(he wrote RFE as a note on upper right corner of my DS-160 confirmation. At this point i was sure am gonna get 221g )


Typed somethig in this system verified university name in his system


And Then  Said MY application need further processing and it takes 1 week .

Gave 221g white slip.


He might be contacting my client about me ( working for this client from past 1 and 1/2 year and project been extended to next year too). Hoping  soon it will get resolved??


Does anybody was in same situation?? if yes how long it might take to get resolved???



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Which University are you from?. Did he asked you to submit any documents?.



I submitted all my docs at interview it self. He didn't request for any additional docs ( waiting for email from consulate). University is not a issue in my case as I am from reputed state university.

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can you please tell us your university and your masters program.

I did masters in Information Technology from a reputed university in michigan and working in  related field itself.

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I did masters in Information Technology from a reputed university in michigan and working in  related field itself.


oh okay man.. its gonna be fine.. please keep us posted

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221g's are being issued in big numbers at all canadian consulates, are you sure that your client is ready to lie about your work responsibilities and the reality that your employer has NOTHING to do with the work you do at client site and its the CLIENT who can fire you anytime.

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