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URGENT-H1,L2 & L2 EAD all approved same day - please help

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  Hi All, 

I am in a strange situation. 

My H1 had expired on Sep 13 2014 and I had applied for I539 to change to L2 on July 21st and same day had applied for L2 EAD.


In the mean while my PERM and I140 got approved and my company applied for l2 to H1 in premium processing.


Now today I have received emails from USCIS for all the the three applications are approved. 

I am so worried now, what is my status....Should i go out of Country and come back or can I stay? 

Seniors please reply its urgent... 

Thanks in advance....

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Whichever has the latest date in approval you are in that status. Also, you can exit and enter US with a valid visa and I797 in whichever status you want to stay in US.

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premium processing ALWAYS INVOLVES a Lawyer. Maybe run it by him. Either way using L2 plus EAD or H1 you can work. So it is not too big a deal. Of course leaving and returning on the H1 visa will get you back into legal H1 status.

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