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Perm Audit - Case Number

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Hello Experts,


 My Perm was Audited and my PD is June 2013. I have my case number and I tired looking up in icert.dol.gov and dolstats.com website and nothing shows up.


I just want to confirm here that this means the decision is still pending or no decision has been made on this yet.


Please advice.


Thank You in Advance.

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Thank you. I already looked it up in that website..

It says  "No records found that match" ..  Does website show only either approved or denied Statuses??

As i said, mine got audited and AFAIK, it is still under processing...


I hope you got the point i am trying to confirm here...I am just trying to confirm here that   "No records found that match" means the application is still under processing and no decision(approved/denied) has been made..


Please advice..

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@itsmeusa... Sorry to hijack this thread...

Mine is being audited as well with a PD April 2014 (Under random pick). 

Was yours a random audit as well? 

What chances are we seeing for its approval (Employer attorney has submitted docs related with nature of advertisement, Non payment from employee etc)

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Same with my case - it was random audit and same set of documents were submitted by lawyer as you mentioned.. my PERM was approved later on...

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