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is I-94 valid after the passport expiry?

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My Passport is going to expire in Jan 2015 and  My H1B is valid until sept 30 2015, but my I-94 is valid until October 10th 2015. so assuming my I-94 was issued based on my H1b validity, am I fine with my I-94 validity? or was it mistakenly given until oct 2015 though passport expires in January?


I have started the procces to renew my passport, do I need to get the new I-94 after the passport renewal or am I fine as it is valid until october 2015.


My friends say, I-94 validity should not exceed passport validity and it was mistakenly issued till october 2015 but in my case it clearly shows I-94 was issued based on the H1B validity.

your insights are greatly appreciated.


FYI: Mine was electronic I-94 generated in september 2013(most recent entry)




Thanks in Advance.

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