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How to escape from abusive wife

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I am on h1b and my wife is on h4 visa. She has become very abusive lately. always threatening to call COPS on me if i don't tent to any of her requests.I tried counselling and it didn't work either.


One she tried to jump out of the patio and some one called  cops on her.


What should i do to protect my self. Her parents are not helping and encouraging her more.



I figured if she stays with her parents she may see things differently and calm down. but she refuses to go back and challenges that she will see something happen before she leaves the country.


Can I send her back to home country? how to legally proceed to send her back .


I need advice so that she does not get in to any trouble and also i should not get in to trouble.


Please help.

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You say her parents are not helping but encouraging more and in the next line you want her to stay with her parents. 

That being said the best thing in this kind of situation is to talk to an attorney dealing with family issues (with out the knowledge of your spouse).

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Not an immigration issue.

Marriage counseling or divorce are the options.

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