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EB1 or EB2(urgent help)

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I need urgent help requiring green card filing under EB1 category.

My company wants to file it under EB2, while I wanted to know whether I can file under EB1


Here are my details:

2003-2208: worked as scientist in DRDO India

2008-2011: MS EE in electrical engineering

           here, I published 1 Journal, 2 IEE conference papers and 1 BOOK that is textbook in leading university

  2011-2013: software engineer

  2013-now: senior DSP engineer


1)Is it possible that i could apply for EB1 with these credentials?

2) Is PHD necessary for EB1?

3) If I can get very strong recommendations, how does that help?


Thank you


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Doesn't look like a fit for EB2...your employer is correct.

If you are not satisfied you may always show your credentials to an Attorney

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You must seek legal guidance from competent lawyer for your case. There are too many things that goes into deciding whether your case if eligible under EB1 or not. But you are right that PhD is not mandatory for EB1 - outstanding researcher, but it definitely gives the edge.

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Run your case by an attorney. Chances on EB1-EA are very, very slim. However EB1-OR might work. That is best evaluated by an experienced immigration attorney.

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I have a PhD with two first author publications and several hundred citations. I hold a director level position in medical communications and I am in the top pay bracket of my field. After submitting all of my paperwork to a law firm, my law firm determined that I am not a good fit for EB-1. I am now processing through EB-2.


I am telling you this because the standards are super high. Only a law firm, after carefully reviewing your evidence package (be prepared to collect an evidence package) can tell you if your particular credentials qualify. Don't let a lay person tell you, it just wastes time. 

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