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H4-F1 Visa approved @kingston, Jamaica

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Hi Friends,


I enrolled for masters in Spring 2014 and completed 1st semester on H4, then I applied for my change of status and F1 got approved. I did summer semester on F1. As I have plans to visit India, I decided to go for stamping in Jamaica. 


Below are the questions from my interview:


Me: Good Morning

VO: Good morning


VO: What is the purpose of your travel?

Me: I'm doing my masters 


VO: How long have you been in USA?

Me: 9-10 months


VO: Can you show me the funds?

Me: Shown bank statements of my husband.


VO: I think these funds will not be sufficient. Because your i20 shows XXXX amount.

Me: I have scholarship and working as TA. 


VO: Do you have any other bank statements.

Me: I showed my pay stubs, TA offer letter, fee receipts for 3semesters (already enrolled for coming fall sem) and convinced her that I need to pay only for 12 more credits to complete my masters. 


VO: Ok I'm issuing your visa

Me: Thank you so much


VO: Take this red slip and come on Friday i.e.Aug 29th to collect your passport.

Me: Ok. Thank you


Advice guys: Me and my husband already knew about the funds scenario , and prepared well in advance , I suggest not to sudden pour in funds into the account as in my case VO was looking every bit of the bank statements for last 3 months. Although we had good amount in current balance, they were matching with amount specified in i-20 so please carry fee receipts if completed few credits.

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Can you please guild me how to get Jamaica Visa. 


Me on H1 and wife is on H4. We are trying hard for canada but not getting any dates. if so we can go to Jamaica. 




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