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Travelling to Canada by car - Documents required

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I am planning to go to Canada in October for my H1B extension stamping. My first H1B was also stamped in Canada but I flew the first time. This time, I am planning to drive my own car to Canada. 


Can anyone pls let me know what are the documents required to pass through the border? Any critical issues or implications? 


Thanks in advance for your help.

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All you need is your passport and visa...

If travel in your car registered in US then at the POE the officer would check your passport, Visa and asks you to get into the building on the left and places as sticker on your windshield(sometime hands over to you). In that building they do the immigration check where they also issue I-94.

While entering into the building take that sticker along with you so that once the immigration check is completed they issue a new I-94 and that sticker also needs a stamp which would be collected by another security office at the parking exit.

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Make sure you get a carnet for the car which is free from AAA. Please note you will drive right to a booth on the border and the Canadian Officer will process you in while you are sitting in your car. If you want a new I94 based on H1 visa approval and the approved petition then you will need to ask while returning.

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This is not to scare you, just sharing my own experience.. I went for my first H1B stamping in Canada, met a lot of people there - different situations. One person drove his own car, but unfortunately his visa was rejected (don't remember the reason, could be due to mutiple scenarios). I saw him struggling a lot because he couldn't drive it back to US himself and he had to send his car back before he could even leave for India. At last, I helped him along with my friend who drove his car to NY where his friend collected it.


Please consider / make arrangements for the worst case scenario, I really wish and hope that such circumstances should never occur with anyone. Personally, I will definitely prefer flying after my last visit to Canada.

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