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Help needed with H1 Transfer - Urgent please

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Dear All,


Need your expertise advise on the following doubts I have.


1. I came to USA thru Employer A, recently I got a better opportunity and joined employer B. Employer B has initiated the visa transfer process and upon receiving the receipt number I have started working for Employer B. But the visa is still in in the Initial review at USCIS. Will there be any issue joining the Employer B without the visa approved?


2. Now I got a new opportunity with Employer C for a permanent position. Employer C wants to start the Visa transfer. So my doubt is can there be two visa transfer applications at the same time with USCIS? Or Do I need to wait till my first application gets approved?


3. If the first transfer application gets rejected will it impact my second application?


4. Does the second transfer application require documents submitted for the first transfer application?


Your replies means to me a lot. So please share your inputs.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Naresh,


I am no expert but here is my 2 cents on this issue.


Question 1. Will there be any issue joining the Employer B without the visa approved?

No. This is the norm.


For the other questions i am not certain. You can consult a lawyer by phone if you want.

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1. The issue will arise when employer A has revoked your H1B petition and employer B's petition is denied. Even though one can join new employer based on receipt notice it is wise to wait for approval to prevent complications.

2. Yes, two employers can file cap exempt H1B petition simultaneously.

4. No.

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