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Successful Stamping at Jamaica on 21st july

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Hi Friends 


First of all thank you for this forum and members in this, its a good preparation before we  go for the visa interview. 


My slot was on Monday morning 7.00 AM




Vo: Hi, how long you have been with this employer

me: close to 2 yrs

VO: Can i have w2s and LCA

me: gave latest w2

Vo:  Why is there is difference in pay ( compared LCA and w2 and my w2 was low from LCA)

me: This is my first H1 and i was training for a while i was on opt , if you can check my latest pay slips they are according to LCA, ( my w2  before that was ok but gave the latest as not to confuse VO )

VO: checked pay slips

VO: where is your employer

me: told the state and city of employer

VO: why is there different location on LCA

me: i work for a client and my client is in that location

VO: Did you study in USA? what did you study? which  stream? which university?

me: told

Vo: ok, have to read the rights form? ( form they give in consulate about H1 rights)

me: partially but i have  read it online

vo: Read it once again and gave red slip to collect passport

vo finally: our system are down hopefully there is nothing bad that comes out.

This left me little doubt on approval, but some of them heard same thing from other VO.

Collected my passport on wednesday



Friends its not about success rate in Jamaica , its  all about good documentation that you have which supports all questions for VO.

Its really bad if we get stuck there in Jamaica for long time. Nice is that we were like 18-20 Monday tuesday slots combined except one for DUI all got approved.

Dont rush VO about passport, just go and pick up when your passport is ready. 


Hope my experience helps. Good luck Friends!




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Hello Brother

First of all, congrats! Secondly, I'm also having same kind of issues like yours, so I was wondering if you please can provide me your contact details, email or phone, I'd like to discuss a little further with you....I'd really appreciate your help!

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