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E3 - Change of Employer

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Change of Employer after working for 3 months. before choosing Kingston Jamaica i had done some research on Third Country Stamping.

Obvious option was Canada/Toronto but US Consulate Toronto website states that if E3 visa is declined then there is a high chance that you may not get entry into US on Visa Waiver Program as well. i was not willing to go all the way back to Australia and comeback, hence i changed my mind and chose Kingston Jamaica.

here is my case background. I am an Australian-indian origin arrived for first time on E3 Visa in March 2014 on project. but due to some reasons that project did not start on time and was delayed. since then my employer failed provide me suitable ongoing work and not paying me as promised. even after several requests he was not providing access to my pay stubs as it would make it easier for me to switch employers.

i found a new employer who was willing to sponsor me. Hence i decided to go for Consulate interview to change my employer. with no pay stubs and no W2.

Actual Interview:

VO: Which category are you applying for?

VO:Are you Australian?

VO:do you have a letter from your new employer?
me:yes - showed him letter of offer
turned pages quickly,scanned through letter was looking for my wage and job title

VO: where is this company based?

VO:can i see your educational Transcripts?
me:showed my Australian/graduate qualifications

VO:What is your role with new employer?
me:listed out few of my roles and responsibilities
vo busy in typing something on his computer

VO:can i have your resume?
me:blank (actually i did not carry my resume with me, behaved as if i did not listen to his question)

VO: how different is your present offer from your previous work?
me: i said it is very similar to what i have been doing but this involves more responsibility than previous role like it involves programming along with Business analysts responsibilites.

me:(this was the one i was praying to avoid) there is no continous ongoing work and it involves lot of traveling to different clients. iam a family guy looking for stable and continous work. my new employer has various inhouse projects.

VO:When are you leaving?

VO:come and collect your passport on Wednesday
me:Thank You.

my advice for all who want to avoid/afraid of consulate interview to act ASAP becoz you are out of status if you are not paid properly or not paid at all. more you delay, chances of your visa approval are less.

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Hi Jfk400,

Congrats on your visa approval

I am looking for an empoyer for e3 especially in ny

Can you please provide me your contact info


Appreciate your help


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I'm looking to change employer also while on the e-3 and have a few questions - my contact details : ************@gmail.com

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