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Hello All,


I have a Question on EB2 eligibility when filing GC in my case.


I have a bachelors degree from INDIA and master degree from USA. Also i have 5 years of experience in the same field.


My masters degree is from a un accredited university. So i clearly understand that i cannot use that degree towards anything, but While i was pursuing my masters, i worked on part time cpt for 22 months. My questions is can i use this experience when i am/ my employer is filling GC.

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No, you can NOT use that as experience. CPT is only for work as integral part of the studies, so it counts for that, not for your work experience.

Unless, of course, you are admitting that this was abuse of CPT, and you were just working normally with a fraudulent work authorization.

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CPT through the unaccredited university will hurt rather than help you. Is this part of the 5 years of experience you claim to have?

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5 years was.. ( 2 yrs of cpt approx) 1 yr on opt and 2 yrs on h1 with current company....

So I guess I can only apply for Bachelors with 1 yr exp, as current emp exp does not count when applying for GC

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