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Need Help on Perm Audit

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Hello Everyone,


I need some help on my perm case. I have recived an audit requesting the below two things.
 1. Requesting employer to provide recruitment supporting process documents
 2. Requesting employee an affidavit that no payment was made to the employer by me to file labor/perm.

Can some one please shed light what are the chances of getting this approved and how long does it take to get this resolved.
By the way I havenot paid anything to my employer for filing the perm.

Please clarify my below concerns
Is this is a random audit and Is this kind of audit a normal audit these days?
For providing notarized affidavit, Can I get that from bank of america notary person or do I need to get it from any specific attorney?
I also find the current audit review date is Jan 2013 and my PD is Nov 2013, so if my employer respond to the audit this month June 2014.
Do I need to consider my PD/Audit respond date in the dol site?


Please provide your valuable suggestions and advice in this case.



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Give the paperwork you received to the employer. His attorney will handle it. You need only provide attorney.employer what they ask from you.

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My  case also same scenario. please let me know the status this audit . i am in fifth year of H1b. First PERM rejected . This is Second PERM with Same Employer. 

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