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2 Green Cards from 2 Different Companies (EB2): Disadvantages? Possible? Risks?

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Guys, ( i have american bachelors comp and MBA and 5.5 years of work exp after Bachelors and did MBA part-time while working)


I moved from desi consulting to american employer this year and i got my EB3 140 approved (had to join them to file 140) & now my same current american employer is saying: we can file another GC for you in EB2 since you have your Masters now and also your previous experience gained with older employer can be used.


Situation: i have another GC labor currently going on since last year in progress in EB2 with a desi consulting company (i was with them last year) and will file 140 once we have labor approval.




1. Is it beneficial to file Eb2 GC from current american employer this year and then get a labor approval next year & eventually get a 140 in EB2? I know that job resp has to be more than 50% diff since its from the same employer.


2. If i am not going to be with this american employer for say another 2 years, is it still beneficial to apply under EB2 and get 140 EB2 approved with old PD of approved eb3 140? I can always join them later when date becomes current 5 years from now to file 485.


3.  Considering that my desi-consulting labor will get approval this year and we will file eb2:140 there and get that approved with old eb3 approved 140 PD, and i will eventually move back to this desi consulting company and work with them, at any given time: CAN I ONLY have 1 EB2 approved 140 from 1 company with my old eb3 approved 140 PD?




4. Is it ok to have two 140's EB2 approved from two different companies with same old EB3 approved 140 PD?


Please advice



5. What i have heard is that the old 140 becomes invalid as you get a new one approved ? Advice please


6. So for example, if desi consulting eb2 140 gets approved in March 2015 and American employer 140 Eb2 gets approved in Aug 2015 ---> then only my Aug 2015 approved eb2 140 will remain valid ? Ofcourse assumption is that they both will retain the old PD of eb3 140. 


Please advice on the advantages and dis-advantages of this situation


Thanks !!

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THe biggest issue is your character. GC filing is expensive.  You need to pick one.

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Would appreciate Mr.t75 if you remain more logical and less personal, not looking to get judged here, everyone in this country is slogging and there are no free lunches, so if there are 2 companies doing it for me, i am doing way too many things for them at the same time.

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