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H1B Approved at Kingston, Jamaica

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Hello All,


Its time to pay back. I had an interview today (03/10). Its easy going if you have all documents and confidence to show anything if VO asks you. Here is my experience.


At Jamaica Port of Entry:


They know that everyone is coming for stamping. Just say the truth. Here they are also asking about employer and what do you do?


Documents need here:


Return ticket

Visa appointment confirmation letter


At US consulate visa interview:


First there will be a security check and outside one person will check your passport,photo,DS-confirmation and I-797. He/She will staple photo and I-797 to the passport. 


Then there will be a counter where a token number and booklet to know employee rights will be given. Then there will be counters and you need to go to respected counter when your token number comes. Here they will take 10- prints. Then we will be pointed to join another line where they will take ten prints again. Next need to sit and wait for interview. Interview here is first come first serve basis.


Interview Experience:


When did you come to US?

Why did you come?

Which University?

Major in MS?

Asked for all I-20s. VO did checked all of them.

Who is your employer?

What did you do before joining this employer?

What do you do for your employer?

Who is your CEO?

Did you met him?

Asked for recent pay stubs.

Who is your client?


Finally golden words came. "Your visa is approved.."


Everyone got approved while i was there. Its easy if you have all documents and need confidence to answer and submit all docs.


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Great news and congratulation. 


I have a question for you. I am planning to visit in May for interview but today when I went to create the appointment I got confused. I thought you could pick a date from available date/calendar. I got a message saying “next available appointment in 2 days”.


My question is the system doesn’t let you pick a future date and you have to accept whatever is available?


Thanks a lot. 

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