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I-94 with entry using Advance parole

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Hi All,


I am EB3 - 485 pending.recently I visited India and re-entered USA using my approved AP which is valid up to 07/2013.


1. I printed my I-94 thru WEB and it says entry valid upto 01/24/2015. 


 My Stay in USA after 01/25/2015 is legal? or Do I need to do any thing to keep my status legal if it gets illegal after I-94 valid date?


2.  Passport number on my wife's I-94 is having typo of 1 digit.


  Is there any way to get it corrected?


Please advice.


Thanks in advance.




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1. You can stay in the US for as long as your I-485 is not denied.

2. I don't believe it needs to be corrected.

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If you used AP you were paroled in as per the orders of the AG. The I94 has no meaning and is merely an audit measure. Your pending AOS lets you stay.

Where is the passport typo?

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Thanks Belle and Pontevecchio.


Pontevecchio - on my wife's I-94 , Passport number is having a 1 digit typo. 



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