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EB-1A publication criteria

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I am an artist (painter) residing in the US. I am working on my EB-1a application and I run into the following question:

In a couple of  EB-1a criteria listed on USCIS website, 

"Evidence of published materials about you in professional or major trade publications or other media".

"Evidence of your authorship of scholarly articles in professional or major trade publications or other major media"


I am not sure if I am able to one of the two requirements. I have three legit publications so far. The are as follow: 

1) I did the illustrations for a popular science book (the book is collected in 200 public libraries nationally) by a university press.

 2) Images of my paintings and my resume are selected to be published at a national art magazine. (over 1000 submission and only 40 selected to be published in the issue I am in) 

3) Images of my drawings, artist statements and my bio are selected to be published by an university press for an international exhibition. (over 200 submissions and 10 selected). 


My question is: do these publications count as published materials about me? 

Publication #1 is not really about me because I made the illustrations. 

What does it really mean by "published materials about you" and "Your authorship of scholarly articles".

I am confused. Do they all have to be written words (images of artwork does not count?)

Which criteria should I claim? 

Thank you so much.

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A permanent residency application filing under the EB-1A preference category is difficult to satisfy, and the USCIS has been making it more difficult.  (There are even cases where previous approvals are being re-adjudicated followed by notices of intent to revoke permanent residency.)  The point is to be successful with an EB-1A permanent residency application you need the assistance of a qualified, experienced immigration attorney.  Such an attorney will know how to present your qualifications for the stated criteria in the best possible way for approval and assist should you encounter any issues.

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