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Multiple H1Bs and Threat from CompanyB

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I am currently with company A. Got an offer from company B. But I didn't like the policies & HR approach     of company B. They have filed my LCA and it is certified now. Since there was some discomfort I am not willing to join company B. 


And I also have an offer from company C and they have  filed my H1B transfer petition. Currently waiting for my receipt number.


I informed company B to hold the process for somedays. After I informed them ,HR is threatening me that if I don't start work for them on specific date ,my visa will get affected. Also I cannot leave US now and If I return I'm liable to the company. He also says that since I have signed and sent the scanned copy of Offer Letter, he says I have to pay him million of dollars money to him. They also claim that they have processed my H1B petition but when I ask for the Fedex number/Cheque number of filing, he says due to company policy, he cannot reveal them.


How do I handle this situation? Can the company B take any legal actions against me?

Need your advice.



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Did you sign any document that you would pay money to company B?

If not, then they can't do anything. In particular not "millions of dollars." That's just complete BS.

That company is obviously shady beyond belief. Good that you decided to not go there.

If they call you, hang up. They would have to send letters for any serious stuff.

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You may be liable for damages for failing to appear for work on the specified day depending on the contract you signed. Have it read by an attorney now (you should have done so before signing).

The petition belongs to you employer; he does not have to supply you with the things you have requested.

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