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f1 to h1

VIsa approved on 2nd december 2013 in toronto......no update on passport yet

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hello ppl....


i gave my visa interview on monday 2nd december13

was a small five min interview and was told that i will receive my visa in 3-5 business days 


seventh business day today and no updates yet


i went to the consulate to ask about the status.......all they did was ask me to wait till further updates


tried calling them......same answer


anyone else in this same situation?


really frustrating;((

 ceac shows ready.......no updates since 2nd december


went to the loomis


i did everything possible.......



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Try to email your consulate requesting status on your passport . I did the same thing and worked for me,not sure if that will work for sure or not. May be PIMS update is taking time for you.

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i sent them a second email today saveli 123...

i hope they reply today


@sumanth 443: im living in the north york area with family....

thats the only pus in my case.


and tbh my case was straight forward........i am in the medical background working for a reputed company with no previous visa issues.

 and the way the officer interviewed me, i thought itll be done and dusted in the same week.

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@ india-usa


this is the email address on their website


are you in the same boat?


whats your plan of action, im planning to go to the consulate tomo morning bw 8 and 9....i dont know how fruitful itll be but this is the best i can do.....


when was your interview?

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i have read a lot of other posts and most cases it shows administrative processing

my status just shows "ready"

is this normal?


plz reply guys its my 8th business day and counting....


i have no idea whats going on or what i should do

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@f1 to h1


Yes I am in the same boat too..CEAC status showing as Ready but no updates yet. Can I get your phone number so that we can have a chat. I can call you from google phone. I don't have phone working here in Toronto.


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Have you went to Consulate? You said you will go there and ask them..Did you get any info from there? Is it worth going there or calling Loomis? Have you emailed consulate and did you get any answer from them? I cannot see your email address in your post..

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@ india usa: bro i went there tuesday....the security guy on the window told me that its in processing, he din even ask my case number. ( was more like: we get a lot of ppl like you who come here for this everyday response)


i went to the loomis: they pulled my reference id on the computer and it showed nothing


i sent them two emails.....they replied to both and said its iin processing..( one email i even stressed that at least re assure me that youll still have my passport, they replied, yes its in the records)


think of a place i can meet u at...this forum doesnot show email addresses...so put a location and time.....if i can ill meet u there

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I have provided my phone number as text. but it didnt show up yet. 


we can meet at starbucks near us consulate if you are ok with it. I can come there at 5:30 pm today. 

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I gave my interview today and got 221g, PIMS was ok.

I dont know the reason, he just said need more admin processing.

Whats the diff in 221g processing time and you guys waiting for passport after approval (8days?)

And i have my Canada visa till 25th Dec , can i stay over that date until I get my passport?

Pls reply, would help.

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