Hello All,   I am facing a wierd situation right now. I'll keep it straight. I graduated from Stratford University back in 2010. I got OPT later and also STEM extension, that's 27 months total. I applied for H1-B in Master's quota in May of 2012 and got it approved for 1 year. This year in 2013, I applied for my H1-B extension. Then I got this surprise from USCIS.   They sent an intend to denial notice saying that the University I graduated in 2010 is a for-profit private University and I am not eligible to apply for H1-B visa under Master's CAP gap. They also mentioned that it was a gross error from their side to approve my H1-B when I first applied in 2012. So, they are considering to deny my visa. My attorney submitted their argument on this and today I was told that my H1-B visa is denied. If USCIS should have told me in 2012 when I first applied, that I am not eligible under Master's CAP gap, then I would have applied under general as H1-Bs were available till August if I remember it right for that year. They APPROVED then and DENIED my extension now digging back to the already approved visa. I don't understand how could they deny an already approved visa(I know they can as this is USA) when I am applying for an EXTENSION but not a new one.   None of them with whom I discussed could give me a suggestion, but rolled their eyes listening to this strange case. I would like to request if anyone have heard/faced similar situation.   To add more sorrow, my project got extended for 6 more months making 2 years for the current client. How can I be happy when I heard this news about my H1-B? (just sharing)