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Successful stamping at Calgary 11/27

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First of all many thanks to this forum, I've been following this forum since my F1 days it has been helpful a lot..


My Appointment was at 8:30 reached the consulate by 8:15 and gone thru the process of multiple security checks and finger printing.

Btw, don't carry any items apart from your file folder and wallet, coz there are no lockers available and you've to go back to the car/hotel to secure them.


Below is the way my interview went, VO was a lady in her early 40's or late 30's


VO. Are on a continued employment or going to start working afresh

Me. Continued employment.


VO. Which Company

Me. Answered


VO. Do you work at client location

Me. Yes, it is XXXX


VO. I know your client, btw everybody know about it. What do you do for them

Me. Answered


VO. How do you coordinate with your employer

Me: Weekly status updates by email and status calls once in 2 weeks


VO: What is your highest degree

Me: Answered with location


VO: Nice, so you like that location you did masters and work at the same place. 

And then she said that my visa has been approved after inquiring if my employer is paying well or not.



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