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Toronto 27-Nov H-1B Stamping, I-94 Question

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I am flying to Toronto on 26th Nov. I have a question about my I-94.

I have two I-94(when I enterd as student) and other is the one that came with my H-1b approval.

Does airlines collect both of these at the exit? And will I get  new one when I enter back into US.

What is the procedure? Some of who has gone through this, plelase explain.


thank you


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You may return both of them while boarding. However, please note the latest I-94 number for your records. Some airlines in Canada might need that number while checking you in when returning to US. You will get a new I-94 when you come back to US. Please note that POE does not issue physical I-94s anymore, you got to print it from online.

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I am in same boat.. I had one as student.. I gues they would only take out whats on your passport and the h1b one is rather a paper and not attached to passport.. they shouldnt take it.

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