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Nov 18 Got Visa Approved PIMS pending - ottawa

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Just wanted to share my experience so that it helps anybody since i did the same...


Experience: Time 9:30 AM @Ottawa consulate


VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning Officer


VO: which company you work for?

me: told the company name (due to cold my toungh was not twisting so i staturred and the VO smiled)


VO: Since How long you are working with that company?

me : told


VO: Since how long you are staying in US?

me : told


VO: where do you live in US?

me: told


VO: what do you do in US?



VO: then the golden words i don't have any problem approving your visa but your pims is not updated yet so it might take 1 or 2 day to delay and gave me a link where i can track my passport.


if you need any information you can ask me i will help you what ever i can....




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I had the similar situation on 19th Nov 2013. VO kept my passport and give me that normal page which they give to everyone. While giving that page he said there is delay in your process but didnt mention about PIMS. But I saw him circling "NO PIMS UPDATE" on one paper. Later I asked him is it approved. He replied not technically. I am really worried and just waiting for updates. 


It's really confusing. 


Can you please update me once you get any updates on your case?



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Congrats on your visa approval. Could you please tell when what did you answer for "what do you do in US?". I have my stamping on 3rd decemeber so just trying to understand.




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Hi karpra26,
May I ask you when did you got your H1B? what are the other alternatives  to expedite the process that might cause because of PIMS update? FYI, I have my interview scheduled at Ottawa US consulate on Nov 27th. Hoping for your kind response.

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Hi Kapra26... when did you get your H1 approval?


I got mine in Nov... did you try to send an email to update PIMS before you attended the interview?

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You don't need to worry. 

I was on the same boat ( I attended my visa interview in Aug ) , as I have applied for H1 B amendment , there was not much time to update PIMS.

VO gave me white 221 G and mentioned PIMS on the sheet. After 3 business days , My status changed to Issued . Nothing to worry. You will get your passport. Till then visit some nice places in Ottawa :-)


Good Luck. 

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Hi Guys,

I was interviewed on 18th nov, visa approved but the status has not updated since then, since then status updated an hour back but status stayed same - "Administrative Processing"

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