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Successful Stamping on 12th @ Vancouver

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Hello Team,


I got my visa approved @ Vancouver on 12th NOV.


Questions asked by VO:-
Is this your first H1b?
Did you study in US?
Which school?
When did you graduate?Specify Month and year.
What Degree?
What were u doing since then?
How many employers did you switch and Who is u r Current employer?
Who is your client?
What do you do for the client?
When do u started working with client?
When do started working with u r employer ?
Why switched employer when in the same client?
Asked for driver license, LCA, pay stubs and employer letter ?
Verified the employer letter and questioned why the pay was not mentioned on the offer letter?( I provided him with the agreement between me and my employer in which it was mentioned)
Started checking all the document for some time and then typed something for another 5 minutes
Finally said ur visa is approved and gave me the tracking document..

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Hi Anil,


How many layers were there between the client and you ? Was it just client and the prime vendor or more layers after the prime vendor ? If there were more then what did you mention in the client letter ? Did you mention about the agreement between your end client and prime vendor ?

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Hi Anil,

can you please help me out if you have any info on it.

my driver's licensee is from different state from where i stay & work. My DL is from CA and i am staying & working for a client in HI. Will it be any problem if i go for h1b visa interview.




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