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H1b Visa Stamping Toronto

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Hi Guys. I have an interview appointment next week in Toronto but I don't have my original I797 approval notice. I had asked my employer to mail me the document along with other necessary documents and they did but somehow Fedex lost the package! I and my employer have been calling Fedex and all they say is that they are looking for the package. With just 7 days to go for the interview, I am worried and can't decide what to do. Right now I am preparing whatever documents I have and hoping that they find the lost documents and mail them to me in time. But what if I don't get the docs in time? I don't think it is safe to go to the interview without the original approval notice, I94 and other employer docs. Or is it? Maybe I should wait for another I797 from USCIS and reschedule my interview... what do you think guys? Any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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One of my frnd lost his I-797 and he went for stamping in Vancouver and got approved.


What he did is, he emailed US Consulate,Vancouver and asked if he can still go for visa interview without i-797 and they were totally OK with that.


I suggest you the same. email US Consulate,Toronto.



Good Luck.

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My interview is ON. FedEx found my package and delivered it to me. I also got a hospitable email from the Consulate saying that a copy is fine. :)


Hoping for the best now 

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Visa approved. The VO who interviewed me was very nice and asked me easy questions.


VO questions: 

When did you graduate?

Where did you graduate from?

Who is your employer?

Where is your employer based? 

Who is your client?

What are your job duties?


That's it!


I referred to the below links to get Canadian Tourist visa and then US H1b visa. Thanks a lot to these posts and thanks a lot to forum.murthy.com








Prepare well future applicants. 

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe." - Abraham Lincoln

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