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H1 amendment and stamping client letter doubt

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Hi All,


I have moved from H4 to H1 and I am planning to go for H1 Visa stamping So I have few questions


I am currently working for a end client since Jan 2013 its a EVC model so the problem here is that my client is ready to give me the client letter but they are not going to mention the project duration as long term or 3 yrs itseems. However my project is the long term one as for every three months my project extension is done . My vendor is ready to mention the project duration as long term.( My vendor is the partner with the client , according to the client  I am a vendor onsite employee who works for the client and also manage the off shore team who also works for my client ) 


So will it be a problem if I go with the client verfication letter which doesnt have project duration mentioned,


And what are the chances of my H1b amendment aproval ? I have I797 approved till 2015 , so will I get the H1visa stamping till 2015 as mentioned on the I797 or else they would rely on the client letter .



Please knidly help me out and clarify my doubts.









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I don't think so length of project will affect your stamping. The important thing you need to think about is if the case of 221-G, the consulate can reach the contact information provided in the client letter.

And your reporting manager can answer the questionnaire's.

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Thanks for the response..


So if in the Case of 221-g are they chances that the consulate who ask the project number of years to my reporting manager in specific.. I am sure that my manager wont be supportive and he would rather tell him that its not for three years but instead specify that they extend the project for every three months


So what would you suggest should I take a chance .. 

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The consulate don't ask about the duration of the project. All they are concerned is for you are genuine candidate who works for XX client at ZZ location. In the case of 221G all VO will ask is whether you work for the client, who you report too , right of control , maybe little description about the project and for how long you have been working there.

You are thinking too much about the duration, just go for stamping and everything will be fine. 

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