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Calling all Toronto 221Gs

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Even I got the same email on saturday morning to submit 2012, 2013 Tax returns and W2's. 6 months pay slips and bank statements. I went in person yesterday to submit all of them.


I met another person who got same query and he was asked to submit H1 documents along with Paystubs, tax returns, w2's, Bank statements together. Everyone got same emails on saturday morning which is unusual. Was your status updated since the case got opened?


Please update the blog if you get an email or anything from consulate, I will do the same thing.

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I have submitted my passport last week and yesterday the status changed to Ready. How many days will it take for the ceac status to change again? did anyone get ready status in ceac?

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Congrats!! Did you get an email to submit passport or when you went to know your case status you submitted it?


Did the status change ever or is it the first time it went to ready?


Did they ask you any other docs apart from client letter and H1b petition.

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@Harish after client call there was no update for about two weeks and then they gave clearance mail on 18th march in the evening . I submitted Passport on 20th thu and the ceac date changed on friday. nd the yesterday it changed  to ready for first time  and today its back to AP!

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I got a mail requesting for 2013 Tax Returns and W2, 6 months Paystubs and Bank Statements on 22 March and I submitted the required documents on 25 March.

Atlast received the passports yesterday. Total wait time was 68 days.

Interview Date: 17th Jan, handed green sheet and said 2 weeks

Documents asked on 23rd Jan, submitted on 28th Jan.

Documents asked on 28th Jan, submitted on 10th Feb

Documents asked on 14th Feb, submitted on 21st Feb

Documents asked on 28th Feb, submitted on 28th Feb

Received clearance email on 19th March, submitted passports on 20th March

Received passports on 26th March


All documents were asked related to POs, client details,my job duties and my employer details. I would had given all that if they would had asked me on interview date.


One thing for sure is for AP they issue the visa but it takes time. We need to send emails, call consulate to follow up the case. I assume this will expedite the process. Atleast it happened in my case.

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My status changed to issued today.. waiting to take passport. I wish they give it today else I have to wait till monday.

Will post all the datelines again.Thanks.

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Hello All,

          I went to Toronto US consulate for my first H1B stamping on Jan 27th 2014. Interview went good and VO said your VISA got approved you can leave now. But, with in few minutes he said "Oh... We need few weeks for administrative process" and gave 221g. And I was asked to send/submite all supporting docs in the following weeks. And they had call with my client(not employer). Even I was asked for a supporting documnet last week. I am bit worried  now. Why they are doing like this?. What could be the reason?. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


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I got the clearance mail yesterday asking me to submit the passport in 14 day.



10 March - Interview.. no slip given.. was told that they need to do more processing and check if I am getting paid on time as the employer had some issues in the past


23 March - Got an email requesting for 6 months Paystubs and Bank Statements, 2013 W2 and Tax Returns


25 March - Document provided by email


17 April - Got the Clearance mail requesting to submit my Passport within 14 days. The CEAC website still shows AP. I will be submitting the passport later next week

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      They asked for client's confirmation letter for job openings and etc. Online status stays the same (Post Decision Activity).

Please advise and keep me posted.

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Try going in person to consulate on tuesday or thursday and sometimes if you are lucky they ask you to submit passport.


I am waiting since feb 26th and no updates from consulate, the situation is out of my hands as client asked to come and join in a month.

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          I travelled back home for my pesonal and official reason and unable too visit the consulate.

Can I visit consulate in my native and enquire about my file in Toronto?. Please advise.

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Finally after lot of twists I got clearance Email and collected PassPort....Below is the timeline


Feb 26---Visa Interview date. Handed over 221g yellow and told immigration issues.


Feb 28---Asked to submit H1 petition and supporting docs as filed to USCIS. No update till march 22nd even after my advocate sent them couple of emails.


March 22 (Saturday!!shock to see them work on that day)----Received email to submit 2 yrs w2's, federal returns and 6 months Bank statements and Paystubs. Emailed them the same day and on monday in reply to a status update email they asked me to submit again. Went in person on march 25th and submitted.


April 10th---Went to consulate to enquire status, the lady was so kind she asked me to go inside because she saw everything okay abot my case in system.


April 15th----First updated date in website.(I thought my visit to consulate made difefrence)


April 24th----Went in person to consulate to check about my status. The lady was so kind who took care of me 2 weeks back, looked into my case and called someone inside and told that this case can be closed and she said she is collecting passport. I gave my passport happily and was told that it will be stamped in 3 to 5 business days.


May 1st----Did not receive any email to collect passport even after 5 business days. Visited consulate to know my status and went inside to talk..I got shocked when they said that it is still pending  and cannot mention timeline...I explained them my situation and confirmed from a lady that she would call for sure.


May 2nd----Received email at 11:01 thet they printed my visa and will handover the passport to loomis.


May 2nd 11:02.....Twist in the taleee, I got another "RECALL" email with same subject line which means previous email revoked. My advocate suggested me to go to consulate with both emails. Went to consulate at 1:05... and I received call from the person who promised me yesterday that my passport is ready to pickup between 3 to 4. Somehow I was able to convince her to collect at 1:15.


My suggestuon to everyone is to go to consulate and know your status.

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