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Entering US after I-485 was approved when in India

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Can you please help if any of you were in a similar situation as below:


 My I-485 and my wife's I-485 were approved on Sep 3rd. We got the physical cards on Sep 7th.

My wife was in India ( since July 30th) and came back to US on Sep 12th. She showed her EAD/AP card at POE ( in San Francisco). She was asked to fill a paper based I-94 ( at secondary inspection) and was paroled in with an end date of Sep 11, 2014. The immigration officer did not ask or mention anything about her I-485 approval. My wife also did not volunteer to tell anything since she was not asked.

 Few others who have been in a similar situation have mentioned that they either got I-551 stamped in their passports or were paroled in but were asked to vist the local CBP office with their green card for deferred inspection.

  Does my wife need to go to local CBP office for deferred inspection?


Thanks for your time.

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you dont understand the concept of "Dont ask Dont tell"...in some cases you need to volunteer...you should have instructed your wife to inform the officers at POE that her I-485 has been approved...and shouldnt have hidden this info..i wonder why you guys choose to not disclose it.

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Our lawyer told not to tell if not asked.

There was a post in another forum about where a family coming from India 2 days back was exactly in the same situation and he told the IO about the approval when they were asked to fill I-94 and paroled, and the officer's reply was " don't you think I know what I am doing?" and they were paroled in exactly like my wife was, with a stamp on I-94 expiring in 1 year.


I cannot control what has already happened. Only my wife was coming from India. I might have handled it better if I was there.


Any suggestions on what we may need to do now?

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