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Is H1 amendment needed in my Case ( most common issue in EV model)

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I got my H1 last year when working as a consultant at XXX (client) .Now I moved to YYY(clinet) recently 

Do i need to make an H1 amendment before i go to Canada for stamping ?


Some Background:


1) I work on EV model

2)I did not change the employer.

2) I am with this employer since 3 years

3) My LCA with YYY  is approved by the time i joined there.




As per my employer:  We dont need an amendment if we have approved LCA by the time we join new client.




Did anyone face such issue ? what was the response from employers in this case ?

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i have undergone through the same thing. i did the amendment. my visa was approved on 19th aug with no PIMS record. the only thing is that i didn't get my passport yet

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XXX (client) .Now I moved to YYY(clinet


If work locations at XXX & YYY are within 50 miles (OR) same metro area (Example NY Metro) then no need to file amendment


Gurus please confirm

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LCA needs to be changed to the new client location (In your case i assume its already done looking at your previous posts). H1 amendment is also necessary when you are going for stamping.(Its always better to be on a safe side)

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