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Travel during H1B Amendment is pending

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I have a valid I-797 and Visa till Aug 2014. Now due to change in location, employer[Full Time] is filing for H1B Amendment sometime in Sept 2013.

I believe the H1B Amendment also takes same time as H1 extn. which going by today's standards is 5 to 6 months.

Need to travel outside the country in Nov 2013. Is it ok to travel with the amendment still in progress? Will I be able to enter US with the existing I-797 and Visa.


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I am pretty much in the same situation as yours. I appreciate if somebody who went through this situation provides us some guidelines.

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I was in same situation before although I had new 797 (amended) with me at POE but VO never asked for it. He just went by old 797 and asked me why I am entering through this particular airport.

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Hey guys,


Did you go through the process? What was the result. Would appreciate a response. I'm in a similar situation now. Employer applied for my H1B amendment and I need to travel outside US. My previous H1b and I797 was approved in 2013 and I got my stamping done in Mexico in January of 2014. Now I need to travel outside US for work and my employer has applied for my H1B amendment because of a change of location. It is under process. Can I travel outside at this time?





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Hi Guys,

I am same boat. I need travel next month to India. My amendment due to location change is still in progress and need to go for stamping with my current H1b 797 document ( I entered US as H4 and got H1b 2 years back, did not travel till now).

Please post your experience. 



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