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Successful H1 B stamping Aug 19th Toronto (Common Muslim Name) !!!!

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Hello All,


I wanted to share my experience for H1 B stamping in Toronto US consulate on Aug 19th and thanks to Murthy Forum and all the participant members who shared there thoughts and help other prepare for their VISA stamping.


For my Friends with Common Muslim Name and thinking they might held up with (Name check,Security check etc....) I had these fear prior to attending the interview but again had full faith that I had every single document that VO might ask for and abide my the Law of US and never did any thing wrong and why I should worry. I discuss these with my employer and the company's attorney said they will look into these in case of issues, And my HR was full supportive and that gave me lot of confidence . In short if you have all things in place and Knew that you didnt do any thing wrong then Have faith and go for Stamping be confident and relax.


Iam a FTE for one of the top 100 US companies and was never on Bench and maintain all the documents right from First pay check to current along with all W2's I 797 ( I changed two employers) ,Bank statements for one year, Pay stubs for 2 years and all educational documents and latest resume and work experience letters along with latest LCA and I 129.



I reached consulate 45 mins prior to my interview @ 2 PM and their was a long queue nearly 50 + in the line and I went to security officer and asked him I have appt at 2 PM he said you need to follow the queue, Those who all are planning to go to Toronto Please make note you might end up standing for atleast 1 hour + , Plan accordingly.


I went in approx at 3 : 10 PM and then security check and a person verified DS 160 confirmation and I 797 and kept in Blue folder and ask to go and stand back in a line again to go inside for Finger printing its 15 mins process and he wrote on DS -160 PMS ok and put a label back of passport which was having a reference number (Note: these number is used for Loomis to verify your pickup)


Went in with a token number and Blue folder in hand and was called for Finger printing and they took the folder and was done at that counter in 5 mins and asked to return to the seat and watch for the number to be called again.


There was a Chinese guy who was calling 4 number at a time and taking the candidates inside another room for interview, ALong side the waiting area the VO was also taking interviews but most of them were called out by their number and taken inside a Hall were more counters and interviews were going on.


I was waiting and to my surprise the interview was called at the same counter were my Finger printing was done, VO was a lady and very soft spoken and the time was close to 4 PM that time.


VO : So you are here for H1 B stamping?


Me: Yes Office


VO: What does your employer do?


Me: Explain her about products and places were we are located


VO : What are ur job duties?


Me: Explained for less then 1 min


VO:  Looking on screen ask one techincal questions?


Me: ANswered


VO : What is your salary?



All this along she was writing some thing on the DS 160 and typing on the keyboard looking at the screen


Goldern words VISA approved and you can collect in 3-5 business days.


I picked up my passport on Thursday and back in US now so from Approval to Pick up it took 3 full days.


While driving back to US at Border crossing the Officer asked for ALl 797 documents and informed me to carry all of these when ever I go out and come in and ask why dont I file for GC and I said my employer started that and it's in process. Cracked jokes with my kids and was firendly.


Thank once again for all the people who replied to my querys earlier and Good Luck !!!






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Thank you for sharing your experience.

Does Toronto consulate allow kids inside?

My kids are US citizens and I am told that Toronto consulate does not allow kids, is it true?




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Have you previously got 221g ?


Yes initially I did 4 years back and took 9 months to resolve and these time it was cake walk

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