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So near, yet so far: I485 approval sent back undeliverable

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I got an email that my I-485 was approved last week. Three days later, I got another email email message saying that the mail was sent back as the post office was not able to deliver it. I did change my address using online AR-11 form.

I called the 1-800 number and initiated a SR to change the address again (i.e. giving my new address) and another SR for the document to be sent back. BTW, the customer rep will not confirm the correct address on file.

Any advice What else I should do?



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Thanks. The problem is the online status changed from "Post Decision Activity" to "Intial Review". So, I am a bit worried.

any suggestions on how to fix this would be great.

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Samething happened to me, my crds has been sent to my previous address, took infopass @ local USCIS office and got GC stamping on passport.

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L1 rep can't confirm if the address has actually changed in their system. You will hv to take a Info Pass appointment online and go to the local office to make sure the address on file is correct.

BTW..when you filed online for change of address did u receive a written confirmation form USCIS with the new address? if not then i guess the address is still not changed...

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You may want to take infopass appointment & speak to USCIS guys directly in person. They might also stamp 6 months temporary GC stamp in your passport.


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