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RFE on I-485 - Requesting for Verification of Employment (VOE) letter

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My case: I-485 under EB3 pending since Aug-2007. Changed employer by Oct-2011. Reprocessed GC under EB2 and got I-140 approved by Sep-2012.

Successfully interlinked pending I-485 with the approved I-140.


Got RFE on pending I-485 due to employment change. RFE is asking for a letter from current employer stating my job title, job duties, salary, join date, position education/training requirement.


Needed document for this RFE: New employment letter from my current employer (letter format is available online), along with most recent W2 from current employer, most recent 3 pay stubs, copies of approved I-140 (both under EB2 and EB3), copy of I-485, copy of RFE itself with a covering letter justifying the qualification for 180 days rule.


Question: Is an attorney needed must or can I handle this RFE by myself?


Thanks for your time reading my post and thanks in advance for your help!



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Get a Lawyer involved. Your dates are current. Stop dawdling and let a Lawyer help you. You can negotiate this yourself. But you want this to go away and the GC to arrive. Get a Lawyer involved.

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Thanks pontevecchio for your response.


 My problem here is, as I left my previous employer, my previous attorney is not responding to my request to handle the RFE. My previous attorney mentioned as I changed my employer and this RFE is due to the change of employment, it needs to be treated as a separate case.


When I approached other attorneys I'm getting a price tag of around 3K to handle this RFE. I'm perplexed.

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Go to Murthy Attorney..the price tag of $3k is nothing compared to the joy you'll get when you get your GC peacefully.


TRUST ME on this...I personally spoke to Sheela Murthy when we got NOID for I-485 and we didnt care for $$ that time. Our case was successfully handled by Murthy Attorney and today I have my GC since the last 2 yrs and I make $$$$$.


So dont worry about $3k now..Beg Borrow or Steal..its for your GC!

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