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EB1 queries

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I am working for a private firm over a H1B permit and my H1B expires in October 2013 but my employer is in process of filing for GC ( EB2 category) and renew H1B. Current EB2 GC process is around for June 2004 applicants and I am expecting it would take atleast 4-5 years to come to any result.


Coming to my issue, before I've been in to US, free-lancer as roles Technical Consulting Manager for a company in US for around 3 months and  VP of Product Engineering for a small firm in Australia. There are no financial transactions since I entered in to US because that would result in violating my H1B.  I'm looking to apply for EB1 (self declaration) with out any employer.. I have the proofs that I worked for the above roles but since being smaller companies they didn't pay me a competitive salary and I accepted offers because of some potential advantages to me as well.  I  talked to Immigration department in person and showed them proofs and their response is it depends on the final documents that I submit but given the facts or proofs that I have shown..I am eligible for EB1 Self declaration petition.


Now I would like to know given the situations, what is the probability that I would get EB1?



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You have to wait like others..there is no shortcuts...in other words -  you are not qualified for EB1 based on your post.

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OP,  speak with an attorney for a reality check.  If you are as talented as you say you are, you should have no problem finding an employer sponsor. 

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