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H1B to F1 Visa Transfer How to quit H1 job in smart way

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I got Receipt Notice (Form I-797) for my COS H1B to F1 on June 18.
I am guessing 3 month processing time  from June 18, 2013 .So it will be in  Sep 18,2013 . But Since we dont know exact date, my question is
Can I  quit exiting H1-job immediate after approval on same  day or 1 week time ? I can work 1 week  to handover my job
Can plan to quit job mid august and join school on start date Aug 18, 2013 on time even if I do not
get an approval  ?
The USCIS officer may  deny or  approve from a later  date, for example after one month say 18 Sep ,2013.?. If I enroll  in August by paying fees. Can I join On 18 Sep ,2013?
Finally , What if deny situation but H1 valid till Oct 2014
Has any one encountered this problem? Can anyone suggest a good course of action??
Very much appreciate any advice.

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If you are not on H1B and have not received F1 approval, you will be OOS.  Exit the US and return with F1 stamping for the fastest transition.

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Hi T75,


I am on H1 right now valid till 2014. Also I have receipt of cos H1B to F1 on June 18. I am waiting for approval.Pl Kindly answer my query's as in original post

thanks in advance

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You must have approval in hand to attend classes. Expect to appear for classes on the first day.


Your best option is to return home for F1 stamping and enter at the proper time (1 month before classes start).

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