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Successful visa stamping on June 28th @ Vancouver

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Questions Asked:


1. what is your role?

2. How long with this employer?

3. How long with the client?

4. where do you work?

5. who is your previous employer?

6. asked w2, paystubs, LCA, client letter

7. how long this poject is going to be? do you have an estimated end date for the peroject?



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   Congrats for your Visa. I have a quick question on the estimated date when project will end. Did you mention any dates on the client letter you showed to VO or it was stated as until further notice..? What would be the ideal thing to do..? My client is ready to give me letter with dates for the next 3 years or mention as until further notice as the project will go on for a long term..i am little confused which would be the best way to do. 

            Thanks in advance for your reply!!

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There is no end date in client letter. I don't think its a good idea to mention the end date of a project in client letter. I just metioned its an ongoing project and the VO asked me "any Estimated end date?" i said its a supporting project sir so it will go on.. then he said ok.


Hope that helps!!!



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