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221g Admin Processing for H4 Visa in Mumbai consulate

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My Friend received 221g for H4 Visa stamping in Mumbai consulate on June 25, 2013.  She has been asked below documents.  Her husband is working as an FTE. 


Documents asked:


1- Invitation Letter
2- Resume
3- Position
4- Purpose
5- Itinerary
6- Travel
7 - Research
8 - Travellers
9 - Funding


Did anyone received similar kind of letter ? Please post your email so that we can discuss about this....

Any idea on how long it will take to process ?  Any inputs are really appreciated.  Thank you very much.

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Sorry I dont have much insight in this case but just a curious Qn - Is this her first H4 stamping?

I have faced a 221(g) for H1 and waited for about 8 weeks to get an answer from chennai consulate.

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@ Guna ...yes this is her first H4 stamping.


any suggestions / inputs from anyone will be greatly appreciated.......Thanks again 

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My friend's husband sent all the necessary documents to Embassy recently.  No reply so far....


Can you please give us your contact details...My friend to get in touch with you for further conversation / information.

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Hi Sai687, 

Any updates on your case. I am facing the similar issue , applied for H4 2.5 months ago but no updates , no slip is issued and no additional documents has been requested yet. Could you please tell me that how did they all these docs from you, via email or post or any other way ?

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