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Back to USA With H1B Ext Stamped and Vancouver Restaurants ...

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I am back to USA without any issue,

My case I did my MS here (US) and have valid h1b until 2013 sep.

Applied to extension and got it until 2016 September. Went to stamping in June, got stamped until 2016. In port of entry, @Van I did not carried any I797 kept in my file . I had my passport and departure ticket-(Boarding pass)   in my hands.


my visa interview was on Monday got my passport back on Wednesday


After visa:

  1. Look your status https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/    ds 160 retrieve your application with your application ID status will show issued.
  2. You can look your status  https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome  status  will display ready to pick up
  3. And final thing note down your waybill for Loomis they will ask your way bill number

you will get an email stating from loomis branch stating below



Dear xyz,

Your passport has been picked up from the Consular Section and within the next few days you will be able to pick it up at:

101-5000 MILLER ROAD


Your Waybill Number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Please click the link below to track your passport until it is ready for pickup:


My port of entry experience



Me: Hi Sir, how are you.

Officer: Hi I am good , give me your passport

Me: gave it to him an smiling

Officer: Is any one with you going today?

Me: no just myself

Office: Where are you going?

Me: XYZ Place

Office: On What type of visa are you going?

Me: H1

Officer: Typing my address, and asked me where do u live?

Me: answered

Office: Ok have a great day

Me: thank you and you too…


My Advice is don’t give extra documents, if you are giving extra information means you are digging your own grave… pls up to the point… wat ever they ask give it….


Restaurants:  House of dosas is good  worth it for your money, Salam Bombay (one time is fine), Chutney villa is good ….there are other some punjabi restaurants also did not get a time to try it.... overall had a good time in vancouver..


HOTEL: Take any down town hotel for first couple of days untill ur visa interview is done..then take any cheaper hotel at airport because loomis (Passport pick up location) is near to airport...


I stayed in YWCA hotel, the staff was very nice to every one, nice and clean hotel.....


we were group of 6 people, all people got visa from YWCA hotel ..... Internet you have to pay $3 per day and per one person, you can connect 2 devices, up on request they will give 3 devices permission (Iphone, Company laptop and personnel laptop)... local calls are free


At US Consulate: My interview went like below

ME:  Good morning officer how are you doing today?

VO: GM I am doing great, give me ur passport and I797 (First apge only please)

Me: gave it to him

VO: How long you been with this employer?

Me: X years

VO: What do you do?

Me: I am a ja** Pr*****

VO: Who is your end client?

ME: Xyz  said

VO: give me ur lca?

Me: gave it ( he checked the address)

VO: Do you work at client location?

Me: Yes sir

VO: Where do you live?

Me: answered

VO:  How long it takes to reach client location?

Me: If traffic is there it takes 1+ hr and normally 35 to 40 mins and it is around 25 miles

VO:  How long you have been with this client?

Me: answered

VO: Give me ur w2?

Me: Gave it to him (2012 w2 form) andlooking at him

 he checked my salary in w2 form and compared my salary it was healthy and meeting his requirement and he was happy and told me your visa is approved ……gave some paper how to collect my passport  within next 3 to 4 business days you can collect ur passport

Me: Thank you

Me again Sir! I have one question for you, could you please tell me until what year my visa is approved ?(As mine ext was approved recently until 2016 sep 29)

VO: he checked my I797 and told me until 2016

Thank you very much sir, you made my day more happy … he was smiling at me,   I  ran out of the office, not even looked back…..



good luck to every one


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Hey Dude,


Congrats for getting the visa..


When the VO asked for 797, Did you gave him the current 797 or the extension copy or both?


Can you please help me as I am in the situation...




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wow! After the above post, I am very popular…. It was busy day for me per each hour at least I got 3 to 4 emails from you all. @sam pls provide latest one only until and unless he will ask you about the 1st h1b copy.  Keep the latest h1b documents in separate folder and keep the other in very bottom and forget about it. Use always latest I797 which is valid (2014 or 2015 or 2016). I made like this all my latest h1b (I797 or I94), I129, lCA, fee details, I-129 data collection and other related docs as main document and previous I kept it at very bottom. So that accidentally or unfortunately or mix it up I should not give my previous docs to him. if you want to give your 1st h1b that means your doing suicide for your self, bz it is going to expire in next 5 or 6 months and then what is the use of the ur visa appointment?


Things to check,

  1. In DS 160 are you mentioning the latest h1b  that is receipt number WAC XXXXXXXXXX
  2. In your appointment schedule also make sure your giving latest one https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome
  3. PIMS letter also and where ever it is required you use your latest receipt number



I hope this will help you, or you can speak with your company lawyer



Thanks and all the best

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