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BioMetrics Again?

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I did my finger printing/bio metrics in October 2011. I received EAD/AP in Jan 2012 and then retrogression happened. If the predictions from Murthy come true and the priority date becomes Feb 2008 for EB2, I will be eligible to get GC. My questions are:


1) How likely that USCIS will ask me to go through biometrics again?

2) Will USCIS send me a notice to get biometrics done after my date becomes current?

3) Is there anything I could do right now to get this information?


Thank you.


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Hi all,

appreciate any input/help. share my status. EB2 priority date May2008. Receipt Feb2012, I485.

Since all my finger prints did not register OK twice (one finger not clear i think!), i had to produce a 5 year police good conduct certificate requested as RFE Sep 2012. 

today 26Aug2013 i received a notice for another biometrics appointment in 2nd week Sep2013.

my wife's FP read OK first time.


is this usual? will this affect my GC approval process since the status is current (india) as of sep2013? should i ask for an updated copy of police certificate ready just in case?

thanks very much for any insight!

(i'm going to post this also in another thread too since not much traffic on the FP thread.)

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For most people, fingerprinting is only done once in a GC case. While the background checks based on the fingerprints expire, the USCIS stores the fingerprint data and reruns the checks. That was not always the case, and people used to have to get new fingerprinting.



Since there is difficulty with your fingerprints, the situation is different. They apparently couldn't capture the prints. Thus, they have no way to store/rerun the background. This will have to be cleared up again (probably same thing with police certificate if they can't capture the prints) in order for the case to move forward.

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