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Seeking help in changing the J2 status to H1B and Green card application

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I am working as a Post Doctoal Fellow at University of XXXX on J1 VISA and my wife is working with one Pharmaceutical Company being on J2 with EAD (Work Permit). My J1 status is valid until Feb 2015 and so is my wife's EAD. I had applied for NORI last year (April 2012) and as of now I have all three letters (no objection cetificates) from India. I am in a process of applying for J1 Waiver soon. However, before doing that I had few doubts to be cleared to proceed further.....


1. If I get my waiver done this year (2013) then whether it will affect validity of my J1 status (Feb 2015) ? 


2. The company, with which my wife is working, is ready to sponsor her H1B. Can she change her J2 status to H1B independent of me (I being on J1).?


3. Can I appy for Green Card being on J1 instead of going on H1B ?    


4. Can I apply for green card in EB1 cateogry with following credentials - 


                             a. M Pharm from University ********* India 

                             b. PhD from XXXXX University, USA 

                             c. Currently Post Doctoral Fellow at one of the top Pharmacy Schools at University of XXX. USA

                             c. 11 peer reviewed research publications (including 6 First author, 7 publications from PhD, 4 from Post Doc), in addition to this, I have published 7 

                                 research articles in Indian Journals  

                             d. one national award for PhD thesis work and was invited speaker at one pharmaceutical conference in USA

                             e. Was recipeint of few more awards at University level (PhD and MPharm)

                             f. Official reviewer for research articles submitted to one Pharmaceutical Journal.

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See an attorney about EB-1 possibilities. At that time, discuss the options you and she have.  I cannot figure out what you are trying to do and your best flow likely depends on the probability of success for EB-1.

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