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Visa Approved at Vancouver on June 10th

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First of all, thank you to Murthy forum,
I had my interview on June 10, 2013, we were 4 member started from same Hotel,
Please follow the below link this is more enough for getting visa,
I stayed in YWCA hotel, it has full kitchen at 10th and 6th floors, toast machines too. it is less price but shared bathrooms, you can get private bath room too, it cost little more money, convenient to stores (7eleven store 3 blocks), there is McDonalds for mcddddyyyyyyy lovers, Asian restaurants and other many. We had lunch one day at salam Bombay for one time it is ok.
We found one more good restaurant Chutney villa ( not Indian staff they are from srilanka) ( if u have car you can try this) , it is just like south Indian style…. Dosa, idily you will get here but don’t expect too much…they have something special it is just like thali for veggie it is good … it is ok to have lunch or dinner….. address is 147 east broadway BC, V5T1W1.

overall vancouver is costly place, if you stay in downtown you will enjoy ur stay...

Candidate A, Candidate B, Candidate C and Candidate D (ME)

Candidate A, Done master in USA, works for full time to x Company, he is marking some manager… Candidate B, Business analyst, done master here in MBA and bachelors hotel management … (Token number 8) (Have all document including client letter, recommendation letters, blg blg..)
Candidate C, Business Analyst, done master here in MBA and BBM … (Changed his employer 9 months back) (PIMS was not updated, NO PIMS)

Candidate B and Candidate C both are friends from there masters…

Candidate D, done master here, works for X client, and they do not give end-client letter have all required docs (Vendor letter and email from manager stating that client will not provide a letter), no breaks in pay stubs, since started job.

First level: take out your passport, DS160 confirmation letter and I-797 first page only they will staple all together and next at US Consulate, Security check at main entrance, if you have sealed cover (Example: Sealed Transcripts from university or letter from ur employer) they request you to open it up, the thing is sealed envelopes or covers or packages are not allowed. Phone, hotel key, car key etc … you can deposit at the counter, collect it after interview is done.
Wallet is allowed, jackets are allowed with complete scan, and you can carry your university diploma certificate in big envelops….(I did)

Level 2: you will get token number and finger prints are taken at 3rd floor….They will take your passport, DS160 and I-797 first page only…….if your passport photo size is not clear or something wrong, they will request you to get new photos (don’t worry), small automatic photo booth is there at 3rd floor, keep some change ($10.00 Canadian bills minimum and they do take credit card) with you. Up on calling your token number go at counter 1 and give ur finger prints as directed and you will get ur passport, DS160 confirmation letter and I797 first page….check on your confirmation page now, they write something on confirmation page ohh…. Don’t worry now it is nothing, it is marking to identify that it was reviewed for them, one person got no PIMS…..
Now come back and sit relax, watch the display screen, upon calling your token number go to 20th floor this is the final…security guard will escort you to 20th floor… sit relaxed here … you will see all the counter number 1 to 11….

Final step:
Upon calling your token number go to that counter give your best shot, you will see VO and give whatever he/she counter #4) asks you. Keep smiling all the time be confident and say it clearly and loudly…..give short and sweet answers OR ANSWER to THE POINT, Do not give history or more or unnecessary lengthy information….it mostly take 80 secs to 120 sec to get ur visa this is final step… so it is upto you how well you will perform here…. And all the best to every one….

As I told you we were 4, how my things went see below….
Went 20th floor at 9:44am, my token number is 45 checked on display board it was 38 at counter 6,
Token 38 done interview and got approved (some other visa)
Next token 39 requested to come counter 6
Token 39 done interview got approved (Some other visa)
Next token 40 requested to come counter 6
Token 40 done interview got approved (Some other visa)
Next token 41 requested to come counter 6
Token 41 done interview got approved (Some other visa)

I realized that only counter 6 is open… I was very happy that last few weeks murthy forum review were good about counter 6
Next token 42 requested to come counter 6
Token 42 done interview got approved (Some other visa)
Next token 43 requested to come counter 6
Token 43 done interview got approved (Some other visa)
Mean time my other friends who are staying at YWCA came there, I slowly told them only one counter open and that is counter 6 every ones face was happy……
Next token 44 requested to come counter 6
Token 44 done interview got approved (H1b visa)
Checked time 9:55 am
For this above questions are like this
VO: What do you do?
P: I am a prog***
VO: How long you are working with this client?
Do you have client letter?
Tell me your roles?
How long is this project?
I am approving you visa, in 3 to 4 business days you can get ur passport and here is the information how to get your passport
P: thank you sir …. Thank you thank you….(ran out)
Now my turn….. waiting 9:56am … no call from counter 6 nothing , it was silent for next 5 to 6 mins…
At 10:05am counter 4 lady came……..( in my mind ohh god why you sent this, why to me only counter 4 ohhh next is my number ohhh… then she has to call some for other type of visa after 3 to 4 mins she approved other lady a visa and told that it is 5 yrs valid… and started doing some work)

Luckily counter 6 guy call my number token 45 please come to counter 6……..i was very happy and saying thank you to god…. With double energy I went counter 6:
ME: Good morning officer how are you doing today?
VO: GM I am doing great, give me ur passport and I797 (First apge only please)
Me: gave it to him
VO: How long you been with this employer?
Me: X years
VO: What do you do?
Me: I am a ja** Pr*****
VO: Who is your end client?
ME: Xyz said
VO: give me ur lca?
Me: gave it ( he checked the address)
VO: Do you work at client location?
Me: Yes sir
VO: Where do you live?
Me: answered
VO: How long it takes to reach client location?
Me: If traffic is there it takes 1+ hr and normally 35 to 40 mins and it is around 25 miles
VO: How long you have been with this client?
Me: answered
VO: Give me ur w2?
Me: Gave it to him (2012 w2 form) andlooking at him
he checked my salary in w2 form and compared my salary it was healthy and meeting his requirement and he was happy and told me your visa is approved ……gave some paper how to collect my passport within next 3 to 4 business days you can collect ur passport
Me: Thank you
Me again Sir! I have one question for you, could you please tell me until what year my visa is approved ?(As mine ext was approved recently until 2016 sep 29)
VO: he checked my I797 and told me until 2016
Thank you very much sir, you made my day more happy … he was smiling at me, I ran out of the office, not even looked back…..

Token 48 Candidate B
VO: Hoe are you?
T48: I am doing good. Hope you are doing good too.
VO: What do you work as?
T48: I work as a Business Analyst
VO: Who is your client?
T48: XYZ Co…
VO: Do you have client letter?
T48: Yes, here you go.
VO: How long have you been working with your Employer?
T48: Since 2011…
VO: How long have you been working with the client?
T48: Since 2012…
What is your role?
T48: Explained couple of points about the project and roles and responsibilities
VO: Your visa is approved and will be mailed in 2-3 days
T48: Thank you mam. Have a wonderful day.

CadidateC: taoken number 50 called at counter 6;

VO: good morning
Me: Good morning
VO: how long are you working for your employer
Me: 9 months
VO: who is your end client?
Me: xxx
VO: Do you have your end client letter
ME submitted end client letter
VO: How long are you working with end client
ME 9 months
VO Can I see your LCA and w2
Me: submitted
VO: verified carefully
VO: from which date you have worked with that employer
ME told sep 10
VO calculated per month salary and verified with LCA
VO: did you do your masters in US
ME yes, In yyy university
VO: what did you study
VO: where is your university
ME: told the city name
VO: is it near what city?
ME: told him nearest big city and its 1.5 hour drive from that city
VO: asked for transcripts
ME submitted MBA certificate and transcript
VO verified all the subjects I studied
Golden words came out your visa has been approved
Token 51 went to counter 4
He got his visa in 90 seconds as he was Non IT related job and he is some manager blah blah…..

There were 9 to 10 people came for H1b visa all people got visa, except 2 persons (I don’t know who they are). I heard they went to counter 4, she gave them 221 g….. I guess it something about client verification….

All the best to every one…

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