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H4 to F1

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I am currently in H4 visa and planning to do Phd next year by changing my visa status to F1. My husband & I have currently started in Green Card Application process, which take few years to be completed.

Is it possible for me to go to F1 status and come back to H4 status after he has received his Green Card. If I come back , will I be eligible for the Green status too?

Please advice me!! This helps to take some long term important decisions.

Thanks in Advance


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It is possible and almost always needed to get in to F1 status if one goes for a PhD. You can adjust your status in a few years if the dates are current or change to H4 if your spouse is still in H1 status. Be very careful where you seek admission.

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"My husband & I have currently started in Green Card Application process"

Are you sure about this or "your husband started the GC process" and your name will be added at the time of filing I-485 AOS. Till then you will be on H4 and will not be considered the part of GC process. Since you are not the part of GC, you should be able to get COS to F1. Just to let you know that you can study on H4 as well but you will not get on campus benefits or OPT on H4.

YOu can come back to h4 anytime as long as your husband is maintaining valid h1b status.

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