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Immigration Reform

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The president is also poised to expand how the federal government issues specialty visas for high-tech workers. Immigration activists earlier this year suggested that rather than counting each individual family member against a legislative mandated cap for the program, the government could instead count the head of the family- and not siblings, spouses or children (Source: The Hill)


Lets see what happens

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As predicted, Obama's Executive Action to grant amnesty to 5 million illegals will result in further delay for legal immigrants who have been waiting for 10 years !!!!


As I said before, this government will do nothing for legals, it will only harm them.


It's a sad day for EB2 and EB3. Keep it up Dems !!

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Great News, newly arriving H4 spouses will get preference over people waiting in line for 8yrs on H1B or EAD .


Unfortunately H4 spouses have to wait till 5 million illegal immigrants are given green cards.


Thanks Obama for keeping your promise. Keep voting for Democrats !!!

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