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Trying to assess if I can qualify for a NIW

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This may be very far fetched, but I am interested in this path. Here is my situation:

  • Graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from one of the top 4 CS schools in the US.
  • Worked with professors on ****** funded research
  • Joined industry after graduation for a couple of years (couldn't continue as I wanted to save some money and the offer was lucrative)
  • Recently, I joined a highly specialized company that develops research and technology for ********** and *********** through contracts. I was hired due to my past specialized experience researching in this field and subsequent experience in the industry.
  • Naturally, there are some parts of the projects that I cannot access due to me not being a "US Person" (legal resident). The company and ********** will benefit significantly if I become a US person so that I can further contribute to the research and technological development.

I haven't applied for a green card yet. Basic qualifications (BSC) put me in EB3. It would be beneficial for the company and subsequently ******* if I can speed up the process to US personhood.


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hmmmm not even close...

but if you dont agree with me, then approach an attorney with your resume and credentials.

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What prevents a straight LC?

Even with NIW you are still in EB2 category. You might want to talk to an attorney about your specific situation and see if you can get an EB2 based on specialized knowledge / experience.

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