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H1B visa For Australian Citizen

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Hi Friends,

Can you please suggest me is it a very good option for an Australain Citizen to Opt for H1B visa rather E3 visa.

My Present situation:

Already was in US for 4 years on H1B on indian citizenship and then moved back to Australia .

Is it a good option to choose H1B rather than E3 visa

what are the possible obstacles/questions the cosular officers may pose in the interview if i choose to go back on H1B instead of E3?

Appreciate your responses and advices.

Thanks and Regards.

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Since E3 is virtually never oversubscribed and since the spouse can work and the E3 status can be extended in 2 yearly increments indefinitely it would seem to be a no-brainer.

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Hi Friends ,

Thankyou very much for your response.

I am looking for an answer for the question if the consular officer puts to me:

Question:If I choose to go to US on H1B visa will the officer asks me why I did not opt for E3 visa .

Since E3 is not dual intent and H1B is for dual intent will she/he doubt on my credibility to return back to Australia ???

if he/she (Consular officer) puts me the the question above

how to and what to answer.

Appreciate your advise.


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