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H1B stamping Vancouver April 24 No Original Documents.

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Hi All,

Wanted to share a peculiar yet serious experience happened for my H1 visa stamping.

I landed in Vancouver on April 23rd. After clearing immigration I came to baggage claim and found my baggage was not loaded and will arrive next day at 10.30am (which is past my interview schedule time 10 am).

I had all my documents in the baggage, I know I should have never left my documents out of my hand but this happened just before I enter the flight they ask us to leave the cabin baggage so that they can load it at bottom of the flight, it just happened within a short span. My 7 years of patience and hard work and not going out of United States just got washed away just with a small fraction of a second impromptu judgment.

I was completely broken, not even holding single original document except my passport. I was in completely clueless situation. Should I attend the interview, or get my documents first or re-schedule the interview.

So here is what I did and the topic of interest

1) Filed missing baggage complaint with airline and got those complaint papers.

2) Luckily I had my Appointment Letter, Verification of Employment, LCA , I797 approval and DS 160 confirmation scanned and stored in my e-mail took the printouts next day at the Internet Cafe (generally in Vancouver small groceries shops have these and they open early morning) .

At the Consulate:

1) I wore same the cloths of the previous day (torn jeans and non-ironed shirt), dusty hiking shoes and showed up at 8.45 am.

2) Guard asked me for my DS160 confirmation and I797 (original), gave him my confirmation with I797 copy, I explained him my situation (baggage not arrived and all original documents are in there) he made a call to someone and allowed me to get inside.

3) Cleared security and upstairs where they take finger print scanning(even here they asked my original I797, I explained my issue) and they allowed me. Also there is a photo booth available (just in case you forget your passport size photos you can take here and yes it is according to the standards) took the photos.

4) Completed fingerprint scanning and waiting for the Grand Finale.

The 20th Floor:

1) Got my number called.

2) Counter 6 is where I had my interview(FYI: I imagined something big but this floor was normal simple environment, just like doctors front office with small seating area) and here the interview:

VO: Hello

Me: Hi (Top half body confident visible, bottom half shaking and praying the lord not visible)

VO: Can I have you passport, interview appointment letter and I797 approval?

Me: Gave my passport, DS160 confirmation and I797 (copy).

VO: Since when are you working for your company?

Me: Since X months.

VO: You work for XXX as Full Time?

Me: Yes

VO: What is your position?

Me: My position.

VO: What is your role?

Me: Explained my job duties in 3 lines.

VO: What does your company make?

Me: Told what my company makes.

VO: Where is you company located?

Me: City and State

VO: You work in the same location you have mentioned?

Me: Yes

VO: Can I see any letter from your company?

Me: Gave him copy of the Verification of employment (in my mind trouble started)

VO: Did you do your Masters in US?

Me: Yes

VO: Which School?

Me: School name.

VO: What is your Major?

Me: XXX major.

VO: Your visa is approved, please follow the instructions on this form to get your passport, here is your letter(returned my VOE)

Me: Thank you, took forms and without turning back I just walk down as fast as I could.

Why I posted my experience?

I was working over my limits being very cautious not miss a single document for this interview. I even did not take a chance to go for H1B stamping when I was working as a contractor. I made sure to get Full Time to get out of the country; even then I had this very heavy and painful experience.

God forbid none of the persons should go through hell I went through. But still things are not in our control.

The only expectation and target that made me go through interview even without documents is, I was thinking at maximum I will get 221g for missing documents and I could support myself with airline complaint I filed.

But if I was broke and miss the interview I will get stuck and god knows when I will get next appointment and moreover my job won’t be there if I get stuck for months.


1) For sure do not let your documents out of your control (I literally mean control not just hand) at all times.

2) It is good that you have all the documents scanned and uploaded in an e-mail and always carry a USB drive with soft copies.

3) I know, I was lucky and but I have gone through the experience. So just in case if anybody out there have a similar situation as mine (again I pray to god that it should not), it is not hard to explain and show whatever evidence you have to the officers. You still have a chance; do not give up so easily.

Not to forget people around here, they help me a lot when I explained my situation right from boy in the internet cafe to few Indians I met. They even accompanied me to the consulate.

Now I am waiting for my passport to arrive.

Enjoying Vancouver, Stanley Park, Waterfront..........

Thank you.

All the best for your future endeavors.

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Hey dude.. you should be a good writer or a movie director, I am very much connected to your narration and imagined myself in ur situation...Jokes apart thanks for your valuable suggestions and Hearty congratulations!!!

Its party time..Have fun :)

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I just want to share this website with you all to re-scedule, they will give what ever date you want. You can pay using paypal later after getting ur date. They will give the date with in 4 hours. It costs 99$. I have used it and it is good. **********.com

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Hey Kumar,

The website address is not visible, Can you please email me the website address?

You can find my email id in my profile.



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Sunny above gave me this website... Thanks Sunny and as well as Murthy Forums for grouping all of us here.. :)

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Ponugupati Seenu, i have sent the details to ur details

Hi kumar , I sent you an email. Can you please send me the website details.

You can reply to that email id .


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What a narration... I guess you see many movies :P


Sorry..it might be a very late comment.. I was laughing all the time I am reading through your post.. :) Little relaxed after going through others interview experinces.. Happy for you..!! you did it. Thanks for the post

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