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Can we track the Status OF LCA

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I have to apply for my H1B this year in April 2013. But my LCA was just applied 3 business days ago. I have all the documentation ready, but only LCA is Pending.

how Many days does it take for the approval of LCA. How can attorney know it is certified? can Attorney request a soft copy before they recieve a original copy in Mail?

What can Attorney do to get LCA Certified ASAP?

Thanks in Advance.

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LCA is basically an elctronic filling and takes 5 to 7 business days and employer or attorney will come to know is it certified or not as a soft copy and they sign (employer or attorney submit it USCIS) and you cannot track and when it is certified you can request from them a copy. as i know none can do asap. its a efile to DOL.

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If you have the LCA case number you can check it on the icert portal. Normally the certified LCA is also emailed to the person who filed it. It's usually certified on the evening of the 6th or 7th calendar day after filing. Tonight DOL will certify mostly LCAs filed on 3/27. There is no known way to expedite. If you find a way, please let us know.

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Hi I tried my initiated case number of form G-123-12345-123456 It says no case found I tried one of certified LCA and it showed that case is approved Could you please help why it said  no case found? thanks in advance.

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